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Our Story                                  EST.1992


​​​​​​  With Marcus’ and Cheryl dream coming into fruition, Friars is deeply rooted in the community and continues to be an anchor for Citation. We hope you have enjoyed the memories as much as we have and we want to thank you for helping make Friar Tucks what it is today! Marcus had a vision of the kind of pub he wanted.  It had to be well lit, clean, and the décor not athe atmosphere of a bar (Hence no neon beer signs in the windows)   His goal was to depict as much Scottish and Irish history as possible.  Some of the décor' is replicas and others antique.  The uniform behind the bar is from the Royal Irish Army and have a look at the replica throne chair. He wanted helmets, swords, shields.  Friar’s had to be a place of interest as well as friendly.  He never wanted to be referred to as a bar only a Pub. Mark and Cheryl went to Scotland for a vacation and came back with ideas and lots of dreams! These all came true,
Friars is celebrating its 22th year as a real pub!

  ​ Friar Tucks Pub was founded in 1992 by Marcus and Cheryl Nixon. The idea was to create an atmosphere that didn’t resemble your average bar buried in neon signs and an excess of alcohol marketing, but adding a plethora of antiques and  vintage Irish and Scottish memorabilia (family crests, shields and swords, etc.) from wall to wall. Including the uniformed Royal Irish soldier behind the bar to the replica throne in the billiard room.  Marcus and Cheryl even took a trip to Scotland to better envision their dream. Thanks to our friends and family, the Pub opened its doors to Cotati and shortly after, Friar Tucks started College $1 draft night. In the mix of the madness, Cheryl would grab a group of college kids and suggest, “Let’s go up town and crawl back home”. Thus, giving proper birth to “The COTATI CRAWL "Friars made the big move into the historical Inn of the Beginning building in 2007, with a full kitchen, billiard room, front and back patios and a full service bar.